About us

Our company Patent-Lizenz GesmbH was founded in early 1980’s. At that time, our product was patented in Europe and then the USA and today we are able to bring it to the Australasia. Our motto is “We make things easy again”.

With Free Hand Designer Products, you do not need expensive drawing programs installed on your computer or laptop. No matter what you want to draw, lines, angles or circles, Free Hand Designer products enable you to do this absolutely freehand, perfectly. You will be amazed at how quickly and easily you can achieve the desired results without the use of an expensive computer programme.

An idea goes around the world

Our idea was soon met with resounding success. From Austria, where it first originated, it soon gained momentum in Europe, then in the US and Canada and now worldwide. All Free Hand Designer products are manufactured using the latest technology.

Inventor and Author

Hannes Irrgeher is the founder of Patent-Lizenz GmbH (1980) and the developer of all the patents the company uses.

He loves to hear from his customers. Send him an email if you think his products are innovative and valuable.

The application in practice is convincing!