Here you will find an overview of our products.

Free Hand Designer folder

The Free Hand Designer folder is a compact handy folder and includes the following:

  • a Free Hand Designer Liner for drawing perfectly straight horizontal and vertical lines
  • a Free Hand Designer drawing pad
  • a transparent sleeve for the safe storage of your sketches.

Folders are available in the following sizes and colours:

  • A3 – Blue and Black
  • A4 – Blue, Black and Green

Free Hand Designer Liner

With our Free Hand Designer Liner, it’s easier than ever to draw perfect freehand. No matter what you want to draw, the lines will always be exactly straight, as if drawn with a ruler.

On request, we can print your film according to your wishes and ideas.

Free Hand Designer Folie
Free Hand Designer Folie
Free Hand Designer Folie
Free Hand Designer Folie
Free Hand Designer Folie

Free Hand Circle Designer

The Free Hand Circle Designer allows you to draw circles exactly freehand. The circles are accurate, starting from the center, starting at 0.5mm up to 200mm. The center is indicated by LED lighting. The Circle Designer is flat and easily stored. No more fiddling with compasses and protractors.

Free Hand Angle Designer

The Free Hand Angle Designer allows you to draw perfect angles freehand. Insert the disc just underneath the paper, line the graduation onto the marker and drag the lines. No matter where you start, the angle is perfectly accurate.

Free Hand Super Magnets

Our Free Hand Designer Super Magnets are actually the strongest magnets in the world. They fix the paper onto the drawing board and ensure extremely secure hold.

Additional products


As well as the main products, we have a number of useful additional products on offer. These include the Free Hand Designer DUPLO adhesive strips. With these you can secure your paper temporarily without damage. They are also reusable. The strips have a highly adhesive side for permanent mounting and a weak adhesive side for temporary fixation.